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Company highlights

Novel anti-cancer approach using proprietary Phase 2 tumor microenvironment (TME)-targeting agents to weaken tumors and strengthen the efficacy of best-in-class cancer therapies

Lead product candidate NOX-A12 is positioned as a combination therapy in cancer:

NOXXON believes that the future of cancer treatment lies in finding optimal combinations of drugs to fight cancer in multiple ways. The Company believes its lead product candidate NOX-A12 is well positioned to become a combination partner for a wide range of cancer treatments, based on its complementary mode of action targeting the tumor microenvironment. As part of a combination, the Company believes NOX-A12 has broad potential in hematological and solid tumor cancers.

NOX-A12 may be a key partner for IO (immuno-oncology) agents:

The Company’s first priority is development of NOX-A12 in advanced solid tumors that do not respond to checkpoint inhibitor monotherapy, and the Company has mapped out further potential for the compound in brain cancer and multiple myeloma. NOXXON has generated promising pre-clinical and clinical data, including some animal data showing synergy with a checkpoint inhibitor as well as phase 2a trials in multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia that showed a safety profile that supports further development and first signs of efficacy. The Company believes that its planned clinical study in advanced solid tumors positions the Company for a clear route to market of NOX-A12.

Second clinical-stage tumor microenvironment drug candidate:

In addition to NOX-A12, the Company has another clinical-stage asset: NOX-E36. NOXXON plans to position NOX-E36 in oncology since its targets are implicated in cancer spread and immune privilege of tumors. The recent identification of a signature, called IPRES for Innate, PD-1 Resistance Signature, that appears to be linked to resistance to checkpoint inhibitors (Source: Bu et al. 2016) provides a rationale for NOX-E36’s multi-chemokine activity in treating cancer. The IPRES contains a monocyte/macrophage component composed of four chemokines, three of which, CCL2, CCL8 and CCL13, are neutralized by NOX-E36. This compound has completed a 75-patient exploratory Phase 2a in diabetic nephropathy and is now being studied for applications in cancer therapy following recent promising clinical results obtained by another compound acting on the same pathway as part of a combination therapy in pancreatic cancer. The Group believes that these data suggest significant potential to increase efficacy in this solid tumors by tumor microenvironment modulation of the pathway targeted by NOX-E36.

Strong leadership team and a reputable investor base:

NOXXON is led by a management team with broad experience in drug development. Furthermore, the Company is supported by a reputable investor base, including TVM Capital, Sofinnova Partners, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, DEWB, NGN and Seventure.

Le PDG de Noxxon Pharma annonce le transfert de l’action vers le compartiment EURONEXT GROWTH pour être cotée en continu.
NOXXON CEO Aram Mangasarian talks to Scrip about development plans for the company's lead compound NOX-A12 on BIO-Europe Spring 2017