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Company highlights

Lead product candidate NOX-A12 is positioned as a combination therapy in cancer:

NOXXON believes that the future of cancer treatment lies in finding optimal combinations of drugs to fight cancer in multiple ways. The Company believes its lead product candidate NOX-A12 is well positioned to become a combination partner for a wide range of cancer treatments, based on its complementary mode of action targeting the tumor microenvironment. As part of a combination, the Company believes NOX-A12 has broad potential in hematological and solid tumor cancers.

NOX-A12 may be a key partner for IO (immuno-oncology) agents:

The Company’s first priority is development of NOX-A12 in advanced solid tumors that do not respond to checkpoint inhibitor monotherapy, and the Company has mapped out further potential for the compound in brain cancer and multiple myeloma. NOXXON has generated promising pre-clinical and clinical data, including recent animal data showing synergy with a checkpoint inhibitor as well as recent phase 2a trials in multiple myeloma and a second hematological cancer that showed a safety profile that supports further development and first signs of efficacy. The Company believes that its planned clinical study in advanced solid tumors positions the Company for a clear route to market of NOX-A12.

Second clinical-stage tumor microenvironment drug candidate:

In addition to NOX-A12, the Company has another clinical-stage asset: NOX-E36. This compound has completed a 75 patient exploratory Phase 2a in diabetic nephropathy and is now being studied for applications in cancer therapy following recent promising clinical results obtained by another compound acting on the same pathway as part of a combination therapy in pancreatic cancer. The Group believes that these data suggest significant potential to increase efficacy in this solid tumors by tumor microenvironment modulation of the pathway targeted by NOX-E36.

Strong leadership team and a reputable investor base:

NOXXON is led by a management team with broad experience in drug development. Furthermore, the Company is supported by a reputable investor base, including TVM Capital, Sofinnova Partners, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, DEWB, NGN and Seventure.

Who we are?

NOXXON Pharma N.V. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on cancer treatment. NOXXON is using its proprietary class of drugs, “Spiegelmers”, to target the tumor microenvironment, the new frontier in cancer treatment. NOXXON’s goal is to significantly enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatments including immuno-oncology approaches (such as immune checkpoint inhibitors) and current standards of care (such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy). NOXXON has generated a proprietary pipeline of clinical-stage product candidates including its lead cancer drug candidate NOX-A12. NOXXON is supported by a strong group of leading international investors, including TVM Capital, Sofinnova Partners,Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, DEWB, NGN ans Seventure. NOXXON has its statutory seat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and its office in Berlin, Germany.

Our lead product candidate: NOX-A12

NOX-A12 is a Spiegelmer drug candidate under development as a combination therapy. It has shown promising results in pre-clinical and clinical studies, including recent animal data showing synergy with a checkpoint inhibitor as well as in two Phase 2a trials. NOXXON intends to develop NOX-A12 in multiple myeloma, in advanced solid tumors, such as pancreatic and colorectal cancer, and in brain cancer. NOX-A12 has received orphan drug designation for brain cancer; glioblastoma in the United States and glioma in Europe. NOX-A12 targets CXCL12, a key chemokine (signaling) protein, which promotes tumor proliferation, new blood vessel formation to the tumor, spread of the tumor and reduces tumor apoptosis (cell death). NOX-A12 is designed to be combined with other cancer targeting therapies to fight tumors by modulating the tumor microenvironment in three distinct ways:

Break tumor protection: CXCL12 forms a protective biochemical ‘wall’ around certain solid tumors, blocking entry of immune system cells that can kill tumor cells. NOX-A12 has the potential to destroy the ‘wall,’ enabling active immune cells, such as killer T-cells, to enter the tumor with the aim of unleashing the full potential of immuno-oncology approaches such as immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Block tumor repair: CXCL12 attracts ‘repair cells’ to tumors damaged by anti-cancer therapy, for instance following radiotherapy. NOX-A12 is aimed at blocking this effect to prevent tumor re-growth.
Expose hidden tumor cells: NOX-A12’s target, called CXCL12, attracts blood cancer cells to protective niches in the bone marrow. NOX-A12 is intended to expel tumor cells from these niches leaving cancer cells in the blood stream where they are more susceptible to tumor-killing drugs.

What are Spiegelmers?

Spiegelmers are a new class of drug designed to combine the benefits of small chemical molecules and biologicals such as antibodies. They have been administered to more than 300 human subjects to date, with a good safety and tolerability profile. By using ‘mirror image’ chemistry, Spiegelmers solve two key problems that have limited the development of aptamer therapeutics. Spiegelmers have high stability in biological fluids since they are not recognized by naturally occurring enzymes that degrade RNA or DNA. Spiegelmers are also unlikely to elicit an immune reaction since they escape innate immune system surveillance. Spiegelmers can be manufactured chemically and therefore do not require complex biological production processes and NOXXON has established optimized production and quality control methods in accordance with good manufacturing practice.